Built for Today,
Built for Tomorrow

Shouldn’t home be both a place to rest your head and a rewarding investment?

That has been Graywood’s philosophy for over three decades. As a private investment management company that specializes in the development of real estate properties of exceptional quality, we have a keen eye on how, and where and how people want to live.

From our home base in Toronto, we have developed an impressive portfolio of single-family homes, townhomes, boutique mid-rise condo buildings and high-rise towers throughout North America.

Our growth into the Calgary market reaffirms our strength and experience in developing quality homes that are not just optimized for life today, but are built with a vision of a prosperous tomorrow.

With the success of Fish Creek Exchange, and new communities coming soon to Kensington and Eau Claire, we look forward to working hard to ensure our homeowners are making the right investment both personally and financially.

Because if a home is one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make, shouldn’t your real estate developer also be an investment expert?

We think so. And that’s why we’re both.

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Exterior photo of Shipp Place
Shipp Place
Exterior photo of Mercer building
The Mercer
Exterior photo of Regency Estates
Regency Estates
Exterior photo of Shipp Place
Ritz Carlton Toronto
Exterior photo of Shipp Place
Exterior photo of Shipp Place